Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Bugging-Out is a term used by GIs during the VietNam war to describe a fast exiting action to avoid a firefight. In the context of Survivalism, it is a reference to city or suburban flight to more peaceful and serene surroundings where you'd prefer to be located during the expected collapse and aftermath scenario you're planning for.

To avoid the potential pitfalls of the Last Minute Bug-Out, early relocation is your solution. The way economic and political news looks around the globe as of this writing, probably a good idea if you and yours have already relocated. As discussed previously, in event of a Martial Law Declaration or other Crisis Event, you might have as much as 45min to put your city or metro-area in your rearview mirror. Not too likely that if the stuff goes into the fan during early morning hours, you will know about it in time. Not too likely that you have your Bug-Out Vehicles ready to embark and fully packed... Not too likely that things will happen the way you expect.

Maybe you live well out from the city and work your own business so you've planned long and well to enable a coordinated plan for dealing with the needs of the day. Yet, unless you have a family member or trusted associate living at your BOL, you might find when you get there that an interloper beat you to it. My concern these days is that plenty of folk understand what is about to manifest and are actively surveying unattended properties that might have pre-positioned gear or other supplies in storage; or in case of remote property without close-by neighbors, a place they can just move into and defend.

Aside from all the risks of last minute travel, why run an even greater risk you have no awareness of until your trip seems all but completed? Have to ask yourself, how much further can the economy deteriorate before it affects you? If a partner or owner of a business, you understand the circumstances of your enterprise. Middle-level salaried or hourly workers know how fast they can be let-go. While you have funds and cash-flow, if you've already made provision for a BOL; doesn't it make sense to relocate and find some cost-effective commute or rental to maintain the cash flow while your family and all it needs are relocated Out Of The Line Of Fire???

Better 10yrs too early, than 10mins too late...

The sooner you relocate the better your potentials for thriving in your BOL and getting to know your exposures and neighbors. There is never a "perfect time" for advance action. Maybe this is a gut-feeling you have to go with and trust your instincts? We did, some years ago.

A week or two back, Birmingham AL declared municipal bankruptcy. For sure that city is just in the vanguard for doing so. Many other cities are trapped in funding obligations they cannot meet while their citizens income is reduced by inflationary pressures and the world-market hype that put America in this jackpot of collapse. Essential services will be cut-back. Criminal activities and crimes of despair will rise. Already a new class of working poor is emerging in the older outlying suburbs. Imagine, citizens who cannot afford to buy new cars and must cook at home... When the melting-pot has become a witches cauldron, urban survival will take on a new flavor entirely.

Anyway, just some thoughts. The world has been running on credit for the past 100yrs, the bill is coming due and there isn't enough money in existence, even if all assets were seized, to pay the bill. The basic axiom of business is: YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY.

American politicians serving their behind the scenes money-masters have put building the world over upon the back of the American Taxpayer and their progeny. War and major die-off is the only solution, and one the money-masters actively seek. When it happens, it won't take longer than an hour to transpire. Hope you and yours will be Out Of The Line Of Fire by then!

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