Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Blog: The Counter-Sniper

See my new blog pertaining to what you may need to know about sniping and how to not be a target of opportunity.

Introductory posts are up.  You  may not realize it, but longrange shooting as a hobby/sport in America is at an all-time high and websites like have over 70k members with active forums engaging in "non-political discussion" .  Perhaps the ex-marine who owns is just too damn stupid to grasp the reality that every politician knows and chairman mao stated so succinctly "Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun".  Why else do "Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants"???

Anyway, not a whole lot of genius level IQ guys among the enlisted ranks of The USMC.  Most genius level IQ folks I've met are cognizant that career paths like The USMC are not conducive to early retirement unless on disability.  Not to disparage The Corps.  My father served in their officer ranks during WWII.  He was damn lucky the war ended before he ever had to lead his platoon against Japanese machine gunners in the Pacific...

Anyway, not to realize the political reality of training men to shoot targets with fine precision at  500 to over 1000yds is simply to prove you're either Stupid, or Disingenuous.  Of course, Frank Galli is really too busy training LEO and other Agency types at his Front-Sight Sniping School to carry on the Waco & Randy Weaver Traditions so widely applauded at the high-levels of the Executive Branch.  Big Frigging Money in training "contractors" and "agency personnel".  What else lures men who've retired from 25yrs with big city police depts as snipers to go "active duty" and leave family behind to go to Afghanistan?

Living By The Gun?  Who is paying you and making your rice bowl floweth over with all the Big Bucks?  Well... let's not get political now!!!

The Reality of our Day is the snippet of unbridled truth chairman mao (the renowned "agrarian reformer" who Central Committee of PRC credits with murdering 85 MILLION Chinese citizens) let slip: "All Political Power Grows From The Barrel Of A Gun"...

Thus, The Counter-Sniper was born...  Come visit.  Come learn.  You'd best get up to speed!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reference Books, Videos Etc...

Just a quick overview, done from memory, for your quick consideration.  These are books that deal with skills and/or are references for consultation.  Worth having, or evaluating from your library.  If out of print, maybe you find a way to save a copy for your later perusal, when all "copyright infringement" worries have gone away. 

Best Survival Fiction:   Pournelle & Niven's Lucifer's Hammer.  Have never read a better account that covers all the aspects that might be experienced.  Not like they go into great depth on "what to get" but the mindset of a population that has reason to prepare and the impact of that population in acquisition mode, relocation mode, and coping modes that morph into violence are all discussed very thoroughly.  Unless you are really motivated to read the Astronomical aspects of that plot that make all action necessary, it is pretty easy to skip through the early 1/3, find the Hot Fudge Tuesday chapter, backtrack a bit to find how "prepping" affected the Greater LA area for snapping-up available goods, then get on with how all characters coped after the comet calves and basically ends modern 20th century life in coastal cities of America and parts of Europe.  Fast, compelling reading.  Might bring you some aspects of the equation you never considered.

Best DVD TV series fiction:  Jericho the CBS series w/Skeet Lee.  Excellent in many respects.  As if there aren't conspiracies afoot in actual day-to-day America.  Tell me Halliburton isn't Jennings & Rawl.  Great cast, Great plots, lots of continuing tension and not totally a relationship soap opera.

Best DVD series for primitive living & skill coverage:  Ron Hood's body of work.  All of it.  Rest In Peace, Ron.  Great videos filmed on location and even in South American Amazon Jungle.   Worth a watch for sure, maybe go in on a complete set w/several families so all can see firsthand how making fire with bowdrill, flint & steel and cave-cooking are done.   The Hoods website, at one time offered pretty good package price on complete set purchases.  Maybe your library needs a set?

Most comprehensive and amazing volume of work:  Kurt Saxon w/o doubt for his compiled 4 volume sets of THE SURVIVOR, Poor Man's James Bond, and Grandpa's Book Of Chemistry.  On digital media these days.  See  Hope you are still out there in Arkansas, Kurt; and doing well.

Best Specific Survival Book:  Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny of Oak Ridge Natl Laboratory (free download at  If you buy the book, you get actual template to make a homemade radiation meter.   Worth having a hard-copy!

Best overall preparedness book:   Life After Doomsday by Bruce Clayton phd.

Best discussion on Firearms for survivalist purposes:   Mel Tappan's  Survival Guns.  Also worth reading are the 3 volumes of his Personal Survival newsletter and Tappan On Survival.   Runner up:  Jeff Cooper's To Ride, Shoot Straight, & Tell The Truth.

We've used homeopathy for years.  Kent's Repertory is The Standard Reference, along with The Materia Medica.  Lots of value in Herbalism and Naturopathy.  Can also personally endorse The Macrobiotic Diet and underlying theory of eating right to enable your body to heal itself.  Many great cookbooks relating to Macrobiotics.  Most of the foodstuffs are Basics and capable of longterm storage.  Hard to find any non-GMO Soybeans, but I guess they're out there.  Check your library for Macro literature.  Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible and Jethro Kloss' Back To Eden are excellent.

Merck Manual, PDR if you're into allopathy or expect to have access to pharmaceuticals. Gray's Anatomy or a more detailed medical school volume on anatomy.  If you live in a city with a medical school, might check their bookshop for texts on medical knowledge and diagnosis.  I found a copy of Emergency Battlefield Surgery at a resale many years ago.  Also Medicine For Mountaineering is pretty well-done book for back-country healing and also deals with altitude problems, hypothermia, exposure.  Of course, Where There Is No Doctor/Dentist are two great references to have.  Almost forgot Red Cross First Aid.  Might want to take a CPR class or see if your locale offers entry level EMT instruction classes.   Wonder if Red Cross Lifeguard and Swimmer classes are still offered?

Camping and hiking, my favorite book is Colin Fletcher's The Complete Walker.  Also his The Man Who Walked Through Time is very interesting read on a solo backpacking trip across the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Be Expert With Map & Compass by Bjorn Kellstrom is the great orienterring book and now on video.  Need to have some 1:250,000 inch format maps and a decent compass and know how to read, orient and travel by the map.  Ron Hood's work already mentioned.  REI and Campmoor catalogs/websites always worth a look.

The first 100 issues of The Mother Earth News are worth buying or getting on DVD.  Might want to look at Dave Duffy's Backwoods Home compendiums.  Woodsmoke is a primitive living series that was forerunner to Ron Hood's work, very basic and insightful.  Hard to beat The Buckskinner volumes for examination of skills and gear common to early mountainmen and blackpowder, primitive weapons.  Foxfire Series books are very interesting and maybe useful.  Any back issues of Roedale's Gardening worth owning.

Firearms References:
Brownell's Catalog is superb for its compendium of specialty tools.  Website for its parts and diagram listings.  Roy Dunlapp's Gunsmithing book is a fine one.  Gun Digest's Series on Firearms Dissembly are excellent.  For Loading Manuals, Sierra Bullets is The Standard for precision loading and quality.  Barnes' manual has some information others don't.  Hornady and Lee manuals are also Very Good.  Frank Barnes' Cartridges Of The World is a very good reference.  Probably want to have loading tool company catalogs for parts info.

Repair and Tool References:  Yep, you need em.  Orig shop manuals for your vehicles and motorized or driven eqpt, or a Haines  or Chilton at least. 

Cookbooks:  For sure!  Macrobiotics cookbooks to show how to make most of whole grains and beans as protein sources w/o meat or seafood.  Frances Lappe' Diet For A Small Planet and Esther Dickey's Passport To Survival are classics.  Hard to imagine life w/o The Joy Of Cooking or any of the other standards.  Lots of specialty and game cooking books.  Would be great to have an in-depth how-to for animal butchering.  Need to know how to grow sprouts.

Gardening:  Rodale books are great, Lots of articles on gardening books in TMEN over the years.  French Intensive and Raised Bed gardening offer great potential to small-space gardeners.  Hydroponics is a useful concept if you have the sunlight or growlights.  Would also look into all the drip irrigation and mulching references can find if you are in a hot clime.  Really NEED a protected growing environment in light of Fukushima and all the nuclear sabre-rattling going on.

Probably have forgotten a few categories.   Did a column on Short Wave radio earlier.  Probably want all the frequency lists and an ARRL book or two.  Bob Grove of Monitoring Times has many references.  A current copy of MT will have lots of frequency and time listings.

Got a Bible?  King James Version reads very well, but I like Shakeseare too!

Literature:  All you want.  Hard to beat resale shops for recreational and paperback books.  Buy a bunch and trade them among your neighbors.

Got children or grand kids?  Don't forget used textbooks or lay-in some homeschooling curriculum.  Much is self-paced and requires no immediate supervision.  Infants and toddlers will grow-up; don't let them grow up dumb...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Nope, not talking "prepping".

Preparedness is a state of mind and readiness that works in many aspects of your daily life.  In the early days of Ron Hood's Hoodlums Forum there was much discussion about "what's in your pockets", and "the Altoid Tin Survival Kit".  Idea was that if you had a swiss army knife (preferably a Victorinox), a lighter (maybe a Bic or Zippo) you had a tool and compact fire kit.  Now, I'm not gonna discuss the vagaries of the Altoid kit, but the candy is good and the aluminum (?) maybe watertight case is almost worth the price alone.  I've also noticed RWS Pellet cans are similarly compact and tight.  Put whatever seems essential in there for your purposes.  But the idea is with some basic tools, if you've remembered to put them in your pocket, they're lightweight, inconspicuous and compact enough to be on you when you need them;  that's preparedness...

Keeping your vehicle maintained and road-worthy is preparedness; at least if you are not living currently at your Bug-Out Location.  Your BOL is that place you'd really rather be than in your current locale.  Your BOL should be about 20mi away from any major US Highway or Interstate and off the beaten path so that you are Out Of The Line Of Fire.  Fire takes many shapes and forms.  If your BOL is in deep forest, well... you want your home clear of flammable surroundings and landscaped so fire can't likely burn you out even if a maelstrom like the Texas Summer Fires or Santa Anna Winds come your way. 

Preparedness, anticipation and readiness.  Like carrying a self-defense firearm.  Starting to look like that is a Good Idea on a daily basis.  Things are pretty strange out there and if you live in a metro area, probably want some form of weapon upon your person when out & about.  More states no longer require a carry license.  Live in Wyoming or New Hampshire which are now right to carry unlicensed states?  (Check your state to be sure, maybe the effective date has not yet arrived!)  If you live in a state that recognizes the full extent and intent of the 2nd Amendment, I encourage you to carry and become accustomed to the responsibility and capability you have right to wield.

Got plenty water stored and a means to cook and prepare meals if/when the utilities go down?  Know where your gear is and is it clean and usable right now or will it be when you need it?  Got Strike Anywhere Matches?  You'll need those.  In fact, you definitely need a Fire Kit.  Lots of ways to make a fire, be sure you have several and some helpers that will get a fire going in rain or snow.

Preparedness means knowing how to use all the gear and tools you now own, knowing where they are and that they are in good working order and being confident when you employ them.

Food prices seem to be escalating weekly.  No one has enough food on hand; trust me on that one.  Another main concern is firearms and ammunition.  Similarly, prices have recently incresed about 10%.  Box of Nosler 168gr match bullets I failed to buy for $68 was $75 a week later.  Clerk was marking new prices right when I shopped on other items...  Brings back memories of the 70s.  Inflation was a weekly thing in the mid-70s to early 80s.  This time it will be worse.  If you are watching your money, try Thrifting and Pawnbrokers for tools, clothes, kitchen gear, fishing, hunting, camping stuff and used guns and even deals on ammunition.  Pawnshops have tons of deals and you should offer 40% under the ask price if you have cash to pay with then & there.  Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, and other church ministries and private resales are the place to buy stuff that isn't critical.  Spend a few hours a week making the rounds and you will be amazed what you can come home with for only a few bucks...

Food and weapons though are a must have and now is the time to buy.  Handloading eqpt will be very valuable to you and enables you to make quality ammunition for about 1/3 the cost of store bought.  If you can follow a few easy steps and use easy to understand tools, you can load your own ammunition.  If you have money and never enough time, can recommend Dillon, Hornady, or Lee progressive loading machines which start at about $140 and go to over $1000 for fully automated ammunition making machines.  I have Dillon and like the quality and speed I achieve. is a great source for quality once-fired brass and hornady or sierra bullets at excellent prices.  They also sell new cases but once-fired is just fine for quality loads and saving your money.

Handguns and semi-auto rifles are very much in demand and you should get yours NOW if you intend to buy.  Buy some ammunition when you purchase your guns, maybe not at same shop but you definitely want some loaded rounds even if intend to handload the bulk of your ammunition.

Get organized and take inventory of all you have that can aid your family to stay Warm, Dry, Fed, Hydrated, and Capable of Self-Defense.  Prioritize your needs and plan to meet your needs.  When you make your plan, work it and be ready to seize other opportunities that may present themselves.  Can't be too rigid if you see a great opportunity to buy a set of loading tools in excellent condition and the savings is at least 50% of what you might pay and contains mostly stuff you can use; buy it.

Stuff you can't use and you see as superfluous will likely bring money to you on Craigslist or Ebay.  There are lots of outdoor forums for buying/selling gun gear and even tractor parts.  Just saying that if you have stuff you aren't using now and don't plan to use: sell it and use the funds for gear you need...

Pretty hard to go wrong buying whole grains, canned beans, fruit, vegetables, hard candy, cooking oils, seasonings, herbs, canned or powdered milk.  Plenty of stuff like Bic lighters, cheap toothbrushes, combs, soap, shampoo, disposable razors, sewing notions like thread, needles, buttons and over counter medicines and vitamins will serve you/your family or be something you can barter with.

Really think it is foolish to stockpile liquor or cigarettes in anticipation of cleaning up on barter deals.  Do you want addicted persons coming around your home bringing any kind of junk, hoping to talk you out of a few smokes or bottle of booze? For the money these things cost, you may as well buy stuff you or others can use and be a resource for others rather than a pariah.

Preparedness is making an analysis of your situation, your needs, your surroundings, noting the weaknesses and exposures and formulating a plan to make the most with everything you have access to.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Financial Collapse & War: It's Always About THE MONEY!

Except This Time, it's different....

America has been Used & Ruined with a Treasonous Deliberation by not only its Elected and Appointed Government Officials at almost all levels, but also by the Financial Community and Leaders and Intelligentsia at positions of all Social and Business institutions and entities.

Has there been conspiracy?  Beyond any doubt! 

Saw a remark today on Zerohedge about the prescient Ayn Rand and how all the social infrastructure we call "banking" and "government" seems to be/is Shrugging...  My conjecture is that as chaotic as all seems on the Global Stage, those who created the situations have done so intentionally.  FDR is quoted as saying "Nothing in Politics Happens By Accident"...

The Golden Rule of Business is: Don't Kill The Goose That Lays Your Golden Eggs.  Pretty sure nobody ever mentioned that at Wharton or Harvard Business School though.  Else why would the best brains in business have done such a thorough job of killing off the juggernaut of business that defined The USA for decades?  I mean you don't come up with plans to pay businesses $10,000 in cash (not tax benefits, actual money!) for EACH JOB moved to a qualifying foreign nation under The Caribbean Basin Initiative legislation and not expect men whose personal income is primarily derived from how much cash money their stewardship brings into corporate coffers NOT To Move every single job they can!!!  So they did...  And they moved the enterprise of America even further abroad and paid/enabled this with US Tax Dollars and Funding...

So, for perspective; Our elected officials voted to do dismember the economic vitality of The Nation THEY Swore An OATH TO PROTECT & PRESERVE...

How does Betraying your fellow citizens by allowing Their Taxed Money, paid to Support The US Government and Our Nation, get spent to Cripple Our Nation by eliminating jobs, reducing tax collection, reducing property values, and damaging OUR Infrastructure For Self-Sufficiency?

Government is supposed to Serve US, not serve us up to vultures who would feast upon US...

I could write on this subject for years.  Really it all goes back to a motive for revenge against Andrew Jackson for routing out the first den of vipers who would have destroyed the USA in the 1840s.  Just where do you think the idea for a "Civil War" came from?  It sure wasn't about eliminating slavery...

In fact, if you look at the impact of all the outsourcing, plant closings, and creative financing-corporate raiding; it has all resulted in greater portions of the populace of The USA working in a fashion that bring a standard of living below what a slave in the 1800s would have enjoyed.  Of course those struggling for their share of the American Dream Pie are free though, aren't they???   Not really...

To return to a closer examination of the topic...  The world is about to have a go at Nuclear War because The Weapons Are There, and The Surplus Population Must Be Reduced.  Ask Mr Mathus and Mr. Ehrlich and all the Limits To Growth crowd like Prince Phillip of England who when asked after he was dead, if he could be reincarnated, what would he come-back as?  The Prince replied, " A virus!"

What really has already killed  The World though is the proliferation of Derivative financial instruments.  All eyes are on Greece at the moment, for will their default as expected from their "financial troubles"; troubles caused by the Wall St. & City Of London "paperhangers" a troupe of globe-trotting confidence men who loaded up the Greek Government with bad financing and criminally structured complex agreements, trigger a cascade of further defaults as those same City & Wall St derivative originators decide they will not pay because they cannot???

Such has been The Plan all along.  How else can you explain how JP Morgan/Chase, a $3Trillion dollar conglomerate, (at best if you include bookvalue Goodwill, and all assets like realty, desks, business hardware etc), can be ISSUER & Counter-Party to nearly $90T in derivatives?  I mean, how can a company with cash and marketable securities worth under a Trillion issue 90x their value in "security type contracts" that purport to insure and assure solvency?

JPM is one of the better-healed issuers in the $2 Quadrillion market and likely has further undocumented exposures.  I would guess, as that is all anyone can do since there is no regulation or registry of Derivatives to control the market, that they probably originated 1/3 of all this mess...

The Derivative though, I will argue, was written to fail.  Big D is The Bomb that ruins everything, but destroys nothing.  It is the excuse to unlimber the Neutron bombs and Hydrogen specie to decimate earth once and many times over.  The goal is a 95% reduction in population.

Are you prepared?
Are you watching The News about Israel-Iran?
Are you watching from your Bug-Out Location as long as communications hold out?

Hope you are warm, safe, well-fed and hydrated.
Hope you have capacity to stay well preserved and prosper by some modicum of self-sufficiency...

Seems pretty likely the game of fiat-money musical chairs is about to end and the only chairs remaining have been sabotaged and will collapse unexpectedly as all the Nations try to dodge the bullet...

Good Luck and May God's Blessings Be With you and your families...