Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Blog: The Counter-Sniper

See my new blog pertaining to what you may need to know about sniping and how to not be a target of opportunity.

Introductory posts are up.  You  may not realize it, but longrange shooting as a hobby/sport in America is at an all-time high and websites like have over 70k members with active forums engaging in "non-political discussion" .  Perhaps the ex-marine who owns is just too damn stupid to grasp the reality that every politician knows and chairman mao stated so succinctly "Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun".  Why else do "Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants"???

Anyway, not a whole lot of genius level IQ guys among the enlisted ranks of The USMC.  Most genius level IQ folks I've met are cognizant that career paths like The USMC are not conducive to early retirement unless on disability.  Not to disparage The Corps.  My father served in their officer ranks during WWII.  He was damn lucky the war ended before he ever had to lead his platoon against Japanese machine gunners in the Pacific...

Anyway, not to realize the political reality of training men to shoot targets with fine precision at  500 to over 1000yds is simply to prove you're either Stupid, or Disingenuous.  Of course, Frank Galli is really too busy training LEO and other Agency types at his Front-Sight Sniping School to carry on the Waco & Randy Weaver Traditions so widely applauded at the high-levels of the Executive Branch.  Big Frigging Money in training "contractors" and "agency personnel".  What else lures men who've retired from 25yrs with big city police depts as snipers to go "active duty" and leave family behind to go to Afghanistan?

Living By The Gun?  Who is paying you and making your rice bowl floweth over with all the Big Bucks?  Well... let's not get political now!!!

The Reality of our Day is the snippet of unbridled truth chairman mao (the renowned "agrarian reformer" who Central Committee of PRC credits with murdering 85 MILLION Chinese citizens) let slip: "All Political Power Grows From The Barrel Of A Gun"...

Thus, The Counter-Sniper was born...  Come visit.  Come learn.  You'd best get up to speed!

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