Sunday, November 11, 2012


By now your political illusions should be shattered.
How many years, decades, generations have you voted, tried to make a difference, all the while hoping and praying "This Time, It'll Be Different"?

By now, unless you are hopelessly Dysfunctional on many levels, you have faced the Hard Truth...  Namely, that The U.S.A. has been Totally Betrayed and Sold For Slaughter.  Those who made this possible were fellow citizens; many touting all the pseudo-patriotic vitriol that has proven to be nothing more than affectation, a sheep's clothing the wolves could hide in while they profited from delivering U.S. to Our National Doom!

I am not here to convince you.  The Fraud and Betrayal has been covered ad-nauseum.  Most are just unable to conceive that they've been sold like beef entrails on the slaughterhouse floor.  In 5th grade Social Studies, we learned about the Chicago Stockyards and their slogan that "every bit of a hog gets used, except the squeal".  You either Know By Now that your leaders at every social level have hardened their hearts to your bleating, squealing, and loos, or you will believe that Arbeit Macht Frei as you past that signpost on your way down the chute.

Survivalism came about in the middle 70s because men like Kurt Saxon, Mel Tappan, Niven & Pournelle, Dr. Bruce Clayton and others could read the Writing On The Wall.

If you haven't been paying attention, the Abeit Macht Frei signpost is now far in your rear-view mirror...

Your future potentials, the potentials of your children and their progeny is dependent upon What You Decide To Do with the next few weeks.  If you continue to watch the dog & pony show media serves-up, your time will have been wasted.  If you decide that NOW IS THE TIME to assure that you have the means to stay:  WARM, DRY, HYDRATED, FED, and Able To Mount Effective Defense, you may be responsible for the continuation of your line...

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