Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Many STILL Don't GET IT....

Read a quick New Year's Eve blurb written by a gunwriter located somewhere in WA. State.  He was remarking about his morning walk home through his sleepy rural village and stop-in that he made to his local gunshop.  His remark, which I consider notable, since so few gunwriters do anything but tout the crap they are sent to review, was (in summary); "The absence in their entirety of any military rifle and ammunition for these and most other common handgun and rifle chamberings is The Sign that Americans are preparing for war!"

Pretty profound statement coming from a magazine writer.  Haven't really seen any others that would admit the truth of the situation we are now in.

Many STILL Don't GET IT...  Most Americans are DGI's...  

Most "shooters".  At least those of the competitive sanctioned events, the High Power, Service Rifle, Tactical, F-Class, Palma, 3-Gun, and all Bullseye and other Pistol Events; in my estimation.  They may have been prepared with handloading components for their Dasher's, XC's, .338 Edge and other super-special gear, but they have missed the boat in acquisition of Weaponry.

The Acquisition of Weaponry was the First Manifestation.

Foodstuffs will be the Most Critical; after you have water filtration needs met.

More and More Apparent that there ain't a lot of time remaining to make your acquisitions and verifiations.   Buy what you need to enable the skills and abilities you have demonstrated capability of.  Verification is really most critical.

Really Time To Understand that Frank Zappa was right when he wrote the lyric "Your cash ain't nothing but trash"...  By the early 70s, it was nothing but paper, pure-fiat....  Now we are seeing that our money's absence of wealth preservation characteristic means its depreciation is even further accelerating.

The Acquisition of Goods will supersede the need to save money.  Have written extensively for the past 9 years on the fraud perpetrated on The American People.  If you can't acclaim that you likewise understand the manner in which we've been gamed, then you will likely remain a die-hard DGI.

Not really much point to holding "money" (especially fiat) when demand for goods is accelerating at same time trust in Government is rapidly declining.  Middle America is preparing for war.  Government has ordered nearly 2 Billion rounds of various ammunition for DHS and other non-military agencies.  What are they preparing for?   The DGI's won't know until it is too late...

You Need way more food and gear than has been touted in the media.  Several year food supply would not be an extravagance.
You Need to be in a location that is "Out Of The Line Of Fire".
You Need ALL The Gear to enable a self-sufficient lifestyle, with enough supplies and consumables to see you through until you are producing to meet all your needs.

You Need weapons for self-defense and the means to hide and not be found when a matter comes to your door which you are unable to defend against....

All it will take is a few more of the DGI types to wake-up and realize they need stuff you had earmarked for purchase....   NOW is the time to be firming-up your plans into ACTION.

Don't have water filtering gear?  There are few stores that sell quality product.  You need cleanable filter units and effective filtration.  Probably fewer than 10,000 suitable units for sale anywhere in the USA.  if you plan to make your own, TIME Is Here to make a prototype and stock up on the materials you need to make and restore your units.  Time to stockpile the daily-usage stuff you can't make yourself.

Lots of quality stuff to be had for minimal cash outlay.  Yet as inflation and demand cause prices to rise, NOW is the time to be in acquisition mode for stuff you always use and that makes daily living easier.

Easy to make your own Food Storage with whole grains bought in bulk and 5gal paint/food buckets that have gasket seal lids. This has been covered here  before.  CO-2 blocks, sold as Dry-Ice by grocers, can preserve your grains 10 years or more.  Get your grains, Get your containers and then plan your packaging day.  Come home with the CO-2 and pack your foods.  Store in a dry and cool place for longest life.

Canned foods, especially meats and beans are great values.  You need spices and cooking gear, oils and fats, sweeteners.  Dry cereals and powdered milk, peanut butter, jellies, bread machines to knead your dough and all the baking and food prep gear you can find.  Lots of stuff on sale this time of year.  Don't forget resaling and pawnshopping.

Soon, all will know their cash ain't nothing but trash...

Best have your paper converted to stuff you can use and rely on.

Hope you make the most out of the New Year and take all steps you can to secure all life has to offer.  If you don't know what to do, turn to God for your answers.  HE IS our Deliverance and Preservation...

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