Sunday, March 23, 2014

Been A Year, Have YOU Taken Action???

Was going to comment here on the world situations that have transpired in the past 12 mos; but really there's no point....  Nothing any of us/US say or do will change the course set by those who've piloted our Ship Of State for the past 30yrs...

What matters is YOU and YOURS...
Have you taken action, made some progress in becoming self-sufficient in a meaningful way?
Takes a braveheart to take action, rather than simply watching, observing and waiting.

Waiting to take action though is going to prove problematic.

The problems manifesting will be yours and yours alone... 
Taking action gives you options and opportunities.
The more you did, the more you acclimated yourself to what will likely prove to be rapidly changing events and situations.

Have you defined your areas of interest and made a subset of those that are of Vital Interest?
Short-term and Long-term goals defined?
Got a budget for items and priorities established for moving into the realm of further self-sufficiency?
It Does Take Commitment and Confidence to go all the way....

Inflation in the US continues to creep steadily.  Shortfalls due to Just-(not)-In-Time failures, like this year's propane snafu are widespread.  Didja buy ammunition or components when I discussed those, way back when?  Nothing is going to get "better":.  Your own experience confirms this. 

Own gear you need maintenance items to operate?  Best have your own inventory and supply to assure your ability to use and keep vital gear working.  Things like tune-up parts, oil, filters, fuel stabilizers and treatments.  That ethanol-laced fuel is really some bad ju-ju if you let it sit in carb bowls and fuel tanks.

How's your food situation and how're you setup for gardening and food processing/storage?
Might try eating a steady ration of "survival food" for a week or two before you spend several or many thousands on it...  Better to have food you eat all the time and food that has high nutrition factors and flexibility for preparation.  If you are doing the freeze-dried route as a turn-key solution, do you have the water storage too to enable cooking that stuff?

Got to have options, and mostly these begin in your head; searching for a better way.  Tools to modify and fabricate, raw materials to work from.  Lots of usable stuff for cheap out there if you can modify or repair it.

Nothing you need is going to get any cheaper.
Nothing you need is going to become available in wider amounts.
Nothing you want is going to be easy.

Doing something is better than doing nothing...

Hope you have been making lots of progress over the last 12 mos and 4 days.

Personally, if you need some impetus to get in gear and kick it in, I think Now Is The Time...

Best of luck, but remember "Fortune Favors The Brave"...  those who take action...

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