Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Food Article

  Uncle Lester says, get Organic Whole Grain Foods.
Order 50lb bags of these from your healthfood store:

Lundberg Short grain Brown Rice, 400lbs or more.
Arrowhead Mills assorted beans: Anasazi, Black, Red, Navy, Garbanzo, Adzuki. Get 100lbs ea.
Rolled Oats: 100lbs
Hard Red Winter Wheat 600-800lbs
Split peas and Green/Red Lentils

Buy honey, local from a beekeeper if you can find one, call your County Ag Agent. Get a bucket or two.

50lb bag of Sea Salt

about 30gals of olive oil, regular, not extra virgin

From Costco or Sams, load up on canned foods in #10 cans and couple 4# pkgs of yeast. Buy some flour, but you also want an electric mill for your Wheatberries and to make flour sometimes from your beans.

You got solar/electric/generator system right?

Buy another freezer and load up on meats and frozen Veges.

Got gardening gear? If not, get it.

Got Carla Emory Encyclopedia of Country Living? If not....
Got Mother EArth News #1-100 on CDrom?

Anyway, you get your food together, order the stuff at healthfood store and get your 10% off special order discount, or order where you can get it. Ask the Ag agent if any Certified Organic farmers around and call and ask at Farmer's Co-op.

Get your whole grains, then buy new 5gal paint buckets with gasket lids. You're gonna buy blocks of CO-2 Dry Ice at the grocers and make your own food storage. Wipe out the buckets with mild vinegar or water & bleach solution, maybe just rinse with soap and water. Ea bucket will hold about 35lbs of grain, 25 of oats. Need about 1 two pound CO-2 brick per 6 buckets.

Fill bucket about 1/3 with grain, wrap dry ice in towel or fine fabric and smash with hammer until you get chips size of your fingernail. Layer about 9 chips on top of the first 1/3 and repeat twice until bucket is full. Lay lid loosely over the grain and in 40 mins the chips will have gassified and driven out the 02, then you hammer down the lid firmly and apply your label. Easy to store, easy to move. Have eaten Brown Rice stored this way that was 14yrs old and it tasted Perfect and Fresh...

Buy some good quality vitamins also, not cheap sinthesized crap.

May as well build your health and use your time to cook and enjoy your life. See my other archived survivalism articles for more on food.

Wish you The Best!

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