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re: African/Dallas Disease

The African/Dallas Disease seems to have come to the fore of American Consciousness this week.  Pity that the info still promulgated by CDC and other Public Service Resources is so erroneous.

Ms. Vinson, the 2nd RN from Dallas Presbyterian who has manifested symptoms of the illness actually phoned the CDC to inquire if she would be okay to fly.  (Not like I was there when she called, but this is being reported...)  CDC gave her word she was clear to proceed.  Later in the day, we learn she was feeling ill, maybe symptomatic when she flew out of Dallas to Cleveland, not just feeling bad on the journey back...  So not only is there a Frontier Airliner with 5 other stops after her Dallas departure, with 141 other persons on-board, there is the first plane she flew on Fri/Sat which until now, nobody had an iota of concern about...

CDC tells us "every hospital in America ought be able to handle E(-word) patients", Yet there are only 3 private hospitals that have Bio-Hazard 4 isolation rooms.  None of these facilities has more than a handful of rooms.  Understand that to contain the viral agent, these facilities must have Pressurized rooms or airlock doors so nothing escapes when patient is tended to.  The room must have its own, filtered and non-recirculative air supply.  The ward must be similarly isolated from the rest of the hospital, and all patient attendees must wear maximum Prophylactic Preventative Eqpt.

In Dallas, CDC said it was okay for care-givers to wear simple gown and mask with gloves.  Not even as much PPE as your dentist likely wears. No face shield, no impermeable garment, no double layer of gloves.  But who wants to arouse anxiety?  Those West Africans, Dr. Frieden has stated, "Have a right to enter the USA" because they have a visa...

Americans, evidently, don't have the "right" to an accurate portrayal of the risk they face.  Andrew Cuomo, Gov. of New York has declared that there will be 8 hospitals that will take E-word patients.  Of course, Andy seems to think he is god and that his word will make it so.  No hospital in NY has even one bed much less a ward or room which will contain the contagion an E-word patient will be sloughing-off (the actual term) once manifested with the disease.  In fact, it appears this disease, being a virus may actually have already mutated or be in process of mutating to become more resistant to eradication.  Might be that the virus is communicable before symptoms manifest...
Ebola survivor I, Senga Omeonga: 'Every day I’m still thinking: When was I contaminated?'
By Jon Cohen 2 October 2014 4:00 pm
Jon is a staff writer for Science.

Senga Omeonga comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the country that had the first recognized Ebola outbreak in 1976 and where the virus was discovered. Omeonga, a medical doctor, also received Ebola training in DRC, but he saw his first case this summer in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, where he has lived for the past 3 years.

And then Omeonga, who worked at St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital—not a specialized Ebola treatment center—contracted the disease himself. He was one of a handful of people worldwide to receive ZMapp, an experimental antibody cocktail.   (full article at link)

Bascally, Dr. Omeonga was nowhere near any E-word contamination, but still he got it...  Not like there was body fluid transmission as CDC maintains is necessary for the virus to attach to a new host.  Saw some headlines this week that now authorities admit airborne transmission may be possible.

Some cynics are in denial and conclude this is another false-flag hoax...  Is it worth betting your life that it isn't real?  Of course, CDC et al are betting our lives that we aren't knowledgeable enough to make informed decisions if given The Truth...   But, hey!  If you want to presume that Frieden is giving you the straight-skinny, it is your funeral (literally)...

For more up-to-date reporting of news and commentary by medical professionals or insiders, see:
Pandemic Flu Information forum
Rhiza Labs Flu Tracker Forum

I monitor the PFI forum routinely.  Read the posted commentary and news articles from page 235 to current to get the flavor of the circumstance continuing to develop in America.  Read the early threads to see how we got from Dec `13 emergence to present.

Very difficult to consider that the incompetence continually exhibited by WHO, CDC and other Public Service Agencies is just bad luck.

You come to your own conclusions.  

My perspective is self-quarantine in a remote location with self-contained water well and septic are of primary importance.  You arrange all your variables as favorably as possible and then basically don't put yourself in a position to be hurt/infected by interaction with others.  This isn't the German Measles which you want your kid to catch.  This is the real deal which 1348 Plague only aspired to...

All the basics discussed here apply.  The basic needs are the same.  You just have one more Basic Need:  The Need Not To Be Exposed....  I am no virologist or microbiologist.  I can understand the need to begin wiping every surface you contact bare-handed with a strong bleach solution.  Cleaning shoes and using a Mudroom for changing from street clothes.   Where I live, we got no streets.  Not much interaction.  We do for ourselves, or do without.  Not much longer might it be safe to be in general circulation among the public.  My Feeling ONLY.  Our Plan is to self-quarantine and stay busy.  I'm just giving you the Tip Of The Iceberg, but it is time to be formulating your own plan and working it.  If you can remove you and yours from exposure, you are back to square one, which is to say your work is just beginning.  Life isn't fair, but God Is There if you choose to allow HIM To Guide your life.  No atheists in foxholes...

Have not even touched on the social and business implications of a widespread outbreak or even just a panic.  Just In Time Inventory systems are your enemy.  Takes months for business to gear up production if not anticipated.  Demand for staple cleansers and all other goods that may be now appreciated more widely by the public will not be met.  Panic Early, Avoid The Rush!  Get what you want to have NOW or you may not have it.  Living in Alaska, we buy whatever we see when we see it.  Next week it may not be available...  Need to project and plan for contingencies and expected usage of food, supplies, and obtain an extra margin for safety.  You need everything for your daily living, except maybe all that involved out & about travel.  NOT going to be doing much of that, not if you value your heath.  If you are in a populated area, you might face mandatory quarantine and curfews.  Best to be out of the line of fire...

The ideal place to ride this out is basically a homestead or country retreat, 30 mi from nearest major US or Interstate hiway, a couple miles off the secondary road that leads to a private or non-improved roadway to your home.  Your home will have its own well and septic, propane appliances where possible, and a generator/solar panel/inverter/battery electric production which powers all your homes outlets and functions.  Central Air Conditioning and Electric Heat are not feasible for whole house climate control using this system, but might function by separate generator.  Better to make other plans for those functions.  You need an organic garden area, room for chickens, and small livestock or even cattle if you have the facility and persons to tend them.  A security fence and watchdogs is also critical if you are within 50mi of a populated area.  Might get The Mother Earth News Archive on CDrom and other Homesteading books like The Encyclopedia Of Country Living By Carla Emory.  Lots of interesting survival reading in Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny (oakridge national laboratory)  go to for free download of this public domain book.

There will be more postings with greater regularity.
Biggest effort at this time that I can see should be focused on eating well and taking quality vitamins to build your immune system and develop all the resistance strength you can...

Once you can isolate yourself from potential infection, all the basics discussed previously in this blog apply.

God Be With You!

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